Why Join Us?

We understand that joining a Multi Academy Trust can be a daunting prospect for any school and we usually find that there are many questions and queries such as:

  • Will we lose our autonomy?

  • Will the MAT create a ‘one size fits all’ template for education and enforce it on the school?

  • What will happen to our Governing Body?

The Reality

The reality is that Robin Hood MAT is interested in working with like minded schools and thinkers. If you are interested in joining a MAT that assimilates schools to replicate a specific model then we are the wrong option for you. We want schools and their leaders to hold onto their individuality, develop expertise, innovate and share effective practice and pedagogy across the MAT. We believe that the key to success is strength in-depth and working as a collaborative force.

Our Vision

Our vision for the MAT is that each school which joins us brings something unique to the trust over time and develops a Unique Selling Point which benefits all of the other schools within the MAT. In following this principle we aim to ensure that all children within the trust are exposed to learning opportunities within their school and at other trust schools that few other educational establishments can offer them.

Moral Compass

Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust never contacts schools or their leaders and asks them to join the trust because we are not selling a product that we want people to randomly buy into. We firmly believe that by operating a strong moral compass, innovating within education and thinking outside of the box, we will become a magnet for like minded schools and their leaders. Running a MAT is not about hard sell, it is about attracting the right partners. If you are interested in seeing whether we ‘walk the talk’ then get in touch via the form below and come and meet us in person for an informal look around and discussion. If you would like to read more then please click on the MAT handbook.