Our Mindset

At Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust we believe in showing the children that they can overcome any obstacle in their lives to go on and become something truly great. We firmly believe that the biggest barriers in life are the ones we place on ourselves and it is our job to inspire the children to think big and aim high. To help the children understand the power of positive thinking and determination we inspire them by introducing a range of positive role models such as Helen Keller and Taylor Morris.


The strongest driver for Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust is that of moral compass – we care deeply about the education of children and in particular in creating a learning experience that nurtures and develops independent thinking. We want children to leave our schools with views and opinions of the world. We want them to leave with a level of resilience. We want them to leave with their own strong moral compass. We want them to be ready to create positive change in the world.


Our goal is to challenge the status quo of education and to constantly reflect, refine and improve to ensure that we operate at the cutting edge of educational developments. We believe that if we work with like minded schools and leaders to affect change then the trust will operate at a ‘flagship’ level. It is our view that ‘outstanding’ is a term that it too inextricably linked to OFSTED. We do not want to operate a trust that is constantly working towards recognition from OFSTED. We want our trust to constantly innovate and improve every day of the year because education it is not about achieving recognition at set points it is about striving to be better day in and day out. ‘Flagship’ status is to ensure that we are at the cutting edge and a by-product of this is that recognition will follow (although it is not our driver).