Tasting Club – Friday Lunchtimes

Tasting Club – Friday Lunchtimes

Week 1

We made fruit pizzas. Try them at home! Split a muffin in half. Spread cream cheese mixed with a small amount of icing sugar over the muffin, then decorate with your favourite fruits!

Our group tried apricots, passion fruit, bananas, blueberries, strawberries. You can use lots of different fruits and then be creative!

This is a link to something similar online;



Week 2

This week, we made savoury kebabs. This recipe was our inspiration. Thanks to Mrs Budd for finding it! 

We had lots of yummy things to try and choose from. The children tried falafel – they really liked these! We also had different cheeses; cheddar, Red Leicester cheese and Buffalo mozzarella cheese. This went down well! We also had olives and mini gherkins. The sugar snap peas were popular, as were the mangetout. Baby sweet corn was useful for helping the food to stay on the wooden sticks! We also had pineapple and beetroot.

It was a wonderful tasting session with children trying new things!

More exciting tasting ideas to come next week! 

Week 3

Rainbow fish week! Inspired by the Rainbow Fish book.

This is the recipe inspiration:

We used cream cheese as the base rather than tuna to add lots of different toppings. Everybody tried something new today and our creations were a wonderful mix of healthy foods! 

This week, the children tried radishes, pearl pickled onions, guacamole, cottage cheese, peppers, olives, grated carrot, cress, could cous and sweet corn.

I was so proud of how everyone tasted new things and enjoyed creating their rainbow fish! The guacamole was particularly popular, as were the cous cous and radishes. As a group, we all really look forward to our Friday lunchtimes! What a lovely way to spend time…

And something a little different to look forward to next week!!

Week 4

Smoothie tasting week!

We used this mixture of ingredients to create a range of different smoothies.

The children selected different mixtures of the ingredients and we designed 3 different smoothies. The children decided how many points each one gained to see which was our favourite.

Tropical mango was the best of the ones we created. We tried lots of different fruits and in fact, some of the fruits we don’t usually eat tasted very different when mixed into a smoothie!

Another yummy week at Tasting Club! 

Week 5

‘Souper’ Tasting Club today!

We began by tasting different soups and choosing our favourite. We talked about the flavours and the taste of each one.

We then made a soup from a recipe book which has a soup for each day of the year! We were spoilt for choice. This time, we used Mrs Parker’s soup maker (Thank you Mrs Parker for letting us borrow it!). We made Sweet Potato Chowder. We put onion, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, vegetable stock and cream into the soup maker.

It bubbled away in Mrs Down’s office and when it was cooked, she delivered us cups to take home and try.  It smelled delicious as it was cooking and tasted yummy!

Week 6

All things yogurty! We tried different flavours of yogurt and voted with our cubes. 1 cube, we didn’t like it, 2 cubes – we liked it, 3 cubes – we loved it!

Strawberry was our favourite as a group!

We then made fruity baskets to take home. We chose our favourite yogurts, filled our basket and then added blueberries. We then topped it with chocolate fingers! Yummy!

Week 7

It’s ‘pasta joke’! Pasta salads this week! Mrs Budd and I are seeing a real change in how keen the children are to try new things and make their salads have as many ingredients as possible.

The children had 3 sauces to use – they could have one, a combination or all 3 if they wanted to! There was pasta sauce, mayonnaise and green pesto. They were keen to try the pesto and 3 children who had not tried it before loved it and popped it into their salads.

Once the pasta and the sauce had been given a good stir, they could choose from lots of ingredients to make their salad just right for them.

Week 8

The final week so lots of fun to be had! 

Our favourite Tasting Club so far – we had celery, cucumber, oranges, cherry tomatoes, bread sticks, twiglets, cream cheese and chocolate spread. We also had lots and lots of EYES!

We looked at these pictures of yummy bugs and then made our own


Feedback from our families


“He has been keen to join in and help with cooking”


“Please continue with the food tasting club, and any other clubs as I feel they are life skills which are important for their development”

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