University Challenge – Films reviews and Video Production

University Challenge – Films reviews and Video Production

We were lucky enough to be mentioned on the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode Film review show, thanks to our University Challenge topics.  Mrs Haughey wrote in to ask for the film review to be kid related for that weeks top choice.  It followed on from Miss Rai’s lesson about Film reviews, which you can see below and Mrs Haughey’s Lesson about Film Production, which you can also view here: Robin Hood Academy

You can listen to the section of the review here:

Film Reviews – Miss Rai

A great job in the film industry is reviewing films. Today, we explored how to write effective film reviews.

First, we watched Mark Kermode give some expect advice on how to review films without giving away spoilers.

After recording some handy hints, we then watched a short clip of Sing and reviewed it, thinking carefully about our favourite characters and the feelings we experienced during the film.

Finally, played a synopsis game. We had to guess the film based on the synopsis. Amazingly, we guessed them all correctly!

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