Each year, around 70 teachers from English schools, two from each Maths Hub area, travel to Shanghai in the autumn term and, later in the school year, host their partner teachers from Shanghai for a two-week visit in their schools in England. This is part of a national project, funded by the DfE to look at the effectiveness of the Shanghai maths teaching approaches and how well the approaches can work with English children in English schools. Here at Cedars we have been implementing some of these approaches for some time and, as a result, we are beginning to see our children developing a deeper understanding of maths that will serve them well in the future.

Outward Visit of English Teachers (24th November 2018 – 7th December 2018)

Our very own Miss Glendinning will be representing the Central Maths Hub Primary Mastery Specialists and she will be sharing her experiences in this blog.

The return visit by Shanghai Teachers (12th January – 26th January 2019)

Two Shanghai teachers will be based together in a single host school for the duration of the return leg visit. This year, the host school for the West Midlands is Cedars Academy. Teachers from across the midlands will get the opportunity to experience and observe first-hand Shanghai teaching practice in an English KS2 classroom.

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